From pharmaceutical to food industries and energy our Equipments are used. CARBON‘s team assures the sizing, the construction and the choosing of the right materials to each project. We assure the resistance to corrosion and high temperatures.

Storage Tanks

The storage tanks or reservoirs are containers for storing fluids. These tanks are built according to the requirements established by the type of industry they are intended and can take various dimensions, as well a fluid heating or cooling jacket.

Tank Stirrers

Tanks with agitators are designed to increase the process efficiency. They serve to mix, dissolve, stir or homogenize liquid products. The size of these devices is designed according to the densities and viscosity of solutions of each industrial process.

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are included in the process to heat or cool a particular fluid. Depending on the application, the heat exchangers may have various forms, from plate heat exchanger, concentric tubes exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger.

Horizontal Decanters

Industrial gravity decanters of horizontal flow type are cylindrical tanks where two liquid separation occurs taking advantage of their different densities. The denser fluid lies at the decanter bottom while the other flows over a bulkhead, and exits.

Distillation Columns

The distillation columns promote separation of components through vaporization of the volatile components in the mixture. This equipment allows the purification of the raw materials that are part of the process and the separation of impurities from the reaction products.

Ultrasonic Reactors

The ultrasound promotes the mixing of two liquids that tend to separate. The ultrasonic waves cause an intense mixing that allows the reaction to occur more quickly. The waves stir the fluid producing steam bubbles, cavitation phenomenon, vigorously shaking mixtures.