CARBON team developed and implemented its first Biodiesel processor, FuelMax is a fully automated compact turnkey unit that provides a unique mix of technical quality and ease of application, that ensures steady and reliable OnSpec. Production.

FuelMax Biodiesel Processor

CARBON Fuelmax Biodiesel processing system uses innovative and robust technology. The technology employs advanced process control and automation to monitor and fine tune the complete production process.


Process Techniques have been optimized to ensure an environmental friendly production cycle, with minimal emissions and/or wastes, ensuring quality is maintained with a wide variety of feedstocks. The FuelMax Processor is constructed of stainless steel.

CARBON does the package fabrication as well as the detailed specification and engineering of the FuelMax Processor. As a turnkey package, the plant operator therefore has just one vendor, CARBON, providing their biodiesel processing equipment. Moreover CARBON takes responsibility of all activities downstream equipment deliver to facilitate safe start up and reliable operations of the processor.


Operator training, supervision of connection to facility (at delivery), and start-up (commissioning run) of the FuelMax, and other client needs would be thoroughly discussed and included in contract. Given its compact and modular design, the FuelMax can be re-located if necessary.

The processing equipment is able to use various cold and hot pressed fresh vegetable oils (some requiring pre-treatment) and waste vegetable oil (WVO) as feedstock. Using the specified quantity and quality of input materials (feedstock, alcohol, and caustic) and following processing instructions, the plant operator/owner will achieve biodiesel which complies with the EU biodiesel standard EN 14214, as well as with other conventional international standards like ASTM D6751. With most feedstocks, a transesterification grade of > 98 % and consistent product quality will be reached.


The FuelMax does not depend on wet (water) wash technique for Biodiesel purification. This allows the system to produce only very small quantities of waste products.

Advantages of the FuelMax biodiesel system

  • Feedstock flexibility: a variety of input oils can be used including virgin vegetable oils, animal fat, tallow and used cooking oil.


  • High product yields with 0.99-1.01 liters of biodiesel per liter of input oil.


  • Optimized energy demand for the plant system; approximately Compact and modular plant design.


  • Fast start-up; within 1 hour the plant can be producing biodiesel.


  • Quality of biodiesel conforms to EN 14214 & ASTM D6751 biodiesel standards.


  • Minimal waste and no waste water. The glycerol bi-product can be used for biogas processes or can be further processed. Spent resin forms minimal volumes of inert waste.

FuelMax Bio-Diesel Processor in Numbers








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