CARBON’s specialized trainers guarantee you a unique development experience mixing technical and practical approaches that turn training into a state of art experience that is memorized forever.


CARBON works with organizations to help them create a competitive edge – by developing people and teams with the skills, strategies, motivation and mindset needed to succeed in today’s world of work.


Our Training Approach

Interactive Learning:


We focus in getting the trainee in an interactive 2way communication with the CARBON Discussion Board, where training needs are discussed before, during and after the training is established.


During Training sessions our workshops are based as much as possible on the Action Learning Principle. This means that an optimal translation is realized in daily practice – through practice simulations during the training. Also, through individual practical assignments completed before and after the training when possible.




CARBON Training Courses are designed with the individual customers training needs which vary according to the corporate goals, industry, and the profile of the participants. CARBON has no off the shelf training materials. We pay extremely close attention to program design according to the customers training needs.

Technical Training

CARBON‘s Technical Syllabus covers the following :

Non-Technical Training

CARBON‘s Non-Technical Syllabus covers the following :

Our Training Methodology

Training Material:


CARBON focuses on material development which includes, PPT work, a course manual and other supporting documents. Presentation should be relevant, meaningful and effectively communicated to the course subject. We are able to produce both English and Arabic Materials according to the profile of the participants and their training needs.


Training Effect:


Our Training workshops focus not only on changing the knowledge of the participants but basically the attitude and skills of the trainees. Even with pure technical courses, the problem solving and critical thinking is a basic dimension that we have embedded in our training structure.


Trainer Role:


CARBON Trainers are knowledge providers, coaches, facilitators and basically catalysts for the interactive learning developmental experience. CARBON has recruited a list of the most qualified Consultants/Trainers that have the talent, the hands on experience and the dedication in order to ensure the utmost in quality training.

Carbon Brochure

An English PDF version of our company’s brochure is available for download.