Documents and Records Control

Document What you Do & Do what you Document!

Course Overview

  • Four days workshop based and knowledge exchange training course to understand the value of document control, explore relevant technical standards, and apply best practices to develop a robust document control framework.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Recognize the key components of an excellent document control process.


  • Understand relevant regulation (ISO-9001:2008 & ISO-15489) as examples.


  • Understand how to resolve issues using document control best practice methodology.


  • Understand how to reduce associated risks through good document practice.


  • Discuss the most common reasons for poor document control and how to improve the process.


  • Understand and explain the requirements of the electronic document management system.

Who Will Benefit

This course is designed for :

  • Document Controllers


Who need to gain a clearer and science based understanding of the need, benefits and methods of implementing document control process and procedures.



  • Any employee


Who would benefit from a greater understanding of the impact of document control, the part they play in the existing document control process and the benefits of

Course Schedule

  • Fundamental Introduction


– Introduction to terms and definitions.

– Case studies of poor document control across regulated industries.

– The risks and consequences of poor document control.


  • Document Control Function Skeleton


– Document control procedures/standards.

– Contractual Document Control practices.

– Document control staff and organization.

– Document controller career development plan/training.

– Physical and electronic document management systems.

  • Technical Document Control


– Document Control Life cycle

– Document identifications and types

– Deliverables list during contract phase

– Master document register

– Technical Documents essential metadata

– Technical data required from contractors

– Interface with contractors and subcontractors

– Vendor document control

– Final documentation/As built


  • Document Distribution and Approvals


– Controlled distribution

– Distribution metrics

– Review and approval commenting by Remarking, annotations and MS Word track changes

– Expediting and meeting deadlines

– Transmittals

  • Regulation (ISO 9001)


– Documents structure with ISO 9001.

– Document Review/Approval.

– Revision Identification and control

– External Document.

– Obsolescence Control.

– Record Control.

– Document control KPI’s


  • Regulation (ISO 15489)


– Records management Requirements.

– Design and implementation of Records system.

– Records management processes and control.

– Monitoring and Auditing.

  • Preparing for EDMS


– Business case and situation analysis

– Gap analysis

– Business requirements

– Functional requirements

– Selection and evaluation


  • Implementing EDMS


– System infrastructure

– Folder structure

– Documents Taxonomy.

– Defining document attributes and metadata

– Workflow and Revision control.

– Transmittals

– Search and retrieval.

Presenter Profile

  • As well as possessing a Degree in Total Quality Management and professional certifications, Trainer has considerable hands on experience of various records management subject areas. He has a comprehensive understanding of the needs and requirements of effective document control systems, having spent most of his 14 years experience working within multinational environments where document control plays a significant role.


  • Trainer’s wealth of experience managing records in controlled environments makes him ideally placed to introduce the concepts of document control and provides him with the opportunity to draw from numerous examples and scenarios that he has encountered over the years, enriching your learning experience.

Four Days / Six Hours Per Day


(24 Hours of Instruction)